Roof Shingles Technical Bulletins

Technical Bulletins

ARMA - Algae Discoloration of Roofs 415.42kb PDF

ARMA - Color Shading of Asphalt Shingle Roofs 519.36kb PDF

ARMA - How to Shingle A Cone Roof 199.02kb PDF

Application of Asphalt Shingles on Steep Slopes and Man... 75.88kb PDF

Asphalt Shingles - How to Minimize Buckling 387.58kb PDF

Asphalt Shingles - Oil Staining On New Shingles 77.1kb PDF

Asphalt Shingle Product Evaluation Report 287.87kb PDF

Attic Ventilation 41.93kb PDF

Buckled/Wet Underlayment 70.86kb PDF

Class 4 Impact Resistance for StormMaster Shingles 40.58kb PDF

Cold Weather Shingle Installation Recommendations 163.3kb PDF

Detecting Hail Damage 44.6kb PDF

Facts about Buckled Shingles 43.98kb PDF

Florida Building Approval Report (Shingles - FL 16305) 738.99kb PDF

Florida Building Approval Report (WeatherMaster, Felt -... 714.03kb PDF

Florida Building Approval Report (GorillaGuard, Summit,... 468.99kb PDF

Gutter Covers and Atlas Asphalt Shingle 73.96kb PDF

Install Asphalt Shingles Over Existing Asphalt Shingles 42.2kb PDF

Hurricane and Storm Damaged Shingles 66.75kb PDF

Miami-Dade (NOA) Shingles 162.66kb PDF

Minimum Roof Deck Thickness 65.92kb PDF

Photovoltaic System & Asphalt Roofing 68.66kb PDF

Proper Nailing of Asphalt Shingles 115.98kb PDF

Radiant Barriers in Shingle Roof Assemblies 63.71kb PDF

SBS Modified Asphalt Shingle Storage & Handling 44.4kb PDF

Scotchgard Shingles & Insurance Claims 72.9kb PDF

Self-Adhering Underlayment Removal 40.19kb PDF

Shingles Submerged in Flood Waters - Atlas 57.8kb PDF

Shingle Tie In For Adjoining Roofs for Townhouse or Dup... 69.11kb PDF

Spray Foam-Sealed Attics 46.44kb PDF

Starter Strip Sizes 284.87kb PDF

Valley - How to Install a California Valley 131.53kb PDF

Valley - How to Install a Closed Valley 190.95kb PDF

Valley - How to Install an Open Valley 197.15kb PDF

ZIP System Approval 38.91kb PDF

ARMA - Water Soluble Residue Found on Asphalt Shingles 1.4mb PDF