Roof Shingles Technical Bulletins

Technical Bulletins

ARMA - Algae Discoloration of Roofs 415.42kb PDF

ARMA - Color Shading of Asphalt Shingle Roofs 519.36kb PDF

ARMA - How to Shingle A Cone Roof 199.02kb PDF

Application of Asphalt Shingles on Steep Slopes and Man... 75.88kb PDF

Asphalt Shingles - How to Minimize Buckling 387.58kb PDF

Asphalt Shingles - Oil Staining On New Shingles 77.1kb PDF

Asphalt Shingle Product Evaluation Report 287.87kb PDF

Attic Ventilation 41.93kb PDF

Buckled/Wet Underlayment 70.86kb PDF

Class 4 Impact Resistance for StormMaster Shingles 40.58kb PDF

Cold Weather Shingle Installation Recommendations 163.3kb PDF

Detecting Hail Damage 44.6kb PDF

Facts about Buckled Shingles 43.98kb PDF

Florida Building Approval Report (Shingles - FL 16305) 738.99kb PDF

Florida Building Approval Report (WeatherMaster, Felt -... 530.91kb PDF

Florida Building Approval Report (GorillaGuard, Summit,... 468.99kb PDF

Install Asphalt Shingles Over Existing Asphalt Shingles 42.2kb PDF

Miami-Dade (NOA) Shingles 162.66kb PDF

Minimum Roof Deck Thickness 65.92kb PDF

Photovoltaic System & Asphalt Roofing 68.66kb PDF

Proper Nailing of Asphalt Shingles 115.98kb PDF

Radiant Barriers in Shingle Roof Assemblies 63.71kb PDF

SBS Modified Asphalt Shingle Storage & Handling 44.4kb PDF

Scotchgard Shingles & Insurance Claims 72.9kb PDF

Self-Adhering Underlayment Removal 40.19kb PDF

Shingles Submerged in Flood Waters - Atlas 57.8kb PDF

Spray Foam-Sealed Attics 46.44kb PDF

Starter Strip Sizes 284.87kb PDF

Valley - How to Install a California Valley 131.53kb PDF

Valley - How to Install a Closed Valley 190.95kb PDF

Valley - How to Install an Open Valley 197.15kb PDF

ZIP System Approval 38.91kb PDF