WeatherMaster® TU Ultra SE Peel & Stick SBS Reinforced Underlayment

Designed for tile roof applications, WeatherMaster® TU Ultra SE is a peel and stick underlayment made from a proprietary modified asphalt and a woven polyester membrane. The woven polyester top surface of this tile roof underlayment aggressively bonds with the foam adhesives used in tile roof installations, and can withstand the weight of stacked tiles without slippage or damage to its membrane surface.

The ultra-strong, slip-resistant poly fabric surface provides a rugged barrier to physical damage, UV degradation, weather, and moisture. The peel and stick underlayment's adhesive layer provides the application benefits of cold temperature adhesion along with exceptional thermal stability under high heat.

As a tile roof underlayment, WeatherMaster® TU Ultra SE provides superior traction for roofers during installation of the primary roofing system. Additionally, no special adhesive, heat, or equipment is necessary when this underlayment for tile roofs is properly installed. Learn more about the unique benefits of WeatherMaster® TU Ultra SE from your sales representative.

synthetic underlayment


  • UV Protected Surface – 180 Day Exposure
  • High Temperature Stability – 260°F
  • Self-Adhesive Backing Seals Directly To The Deck
  • 60 Mil Thickness
  • Superior Slip Resistant Surface
  • Excellent Adhesion Surface for Tile Foams
  • No Special Adhesives Necessary


TU Ultra SE should be installed only when ambient and substrate temperatures are 45°F (7.2°C) or higher. Prime wood or metal surfaces at temperatures below 45°F. Remove all dirt, dust, loose nails and debris prior to installing TU Ultra SE. Decking must be dry.

When TU Ultra SE is to be adhered to any metal surfaces, priming with asphalt primer meeting ASTM D 41 is recommended.


For Roof Decks (Rakes and Eaves):

WeatherMaster® TU Ultra SE underlayment shall be applied to dry surfaces during fair weather when air surface temperatures are above 45°F. In temperatures below 45°F, deck surfaces will need to be primed prior to application. Before getting started, be sure the roof deck is free of dust, dirt, loose nails, and any other protrusions.

Begin by cutting WeatherMaster® TU Ultra SE into 10 to 15 foot lengths and re-roll for wrinkle-free application. Apply sheet parallel to the roof edge, extending over 1/4". Overlap edge seams 3" minimum, so that laps will shed water. On steep slope applications, it may be necessary to nail the top edge of the membrane temporarily during the installation process. For ice dam protection, underlayment must be applied to a point at least 24" beyond interior wall line or above the expected level of ice dams.

Peel back one to two feet of release paper. Before peeling further, align the sheet on the lower edge of the roof and adhere the areas you have peeled. Pull the release paper from under the sheet and slowly continue to peel, pressing the sheet into place as you go. Use a hand roller to firmly roll lower edges. End laps should be overlapped 6" and staggered. When installing at temperatures below 45°F and on slopes above 8 in 12, face-nail the top overlap at 12" OC.

For Valleys and Ridges:

Cut WeatherMaster® TU Ultra SE underlayment into 4 to 6 foot lengths. Peel the release paper and center sheet over valley or ridge. Drape and press sheet into place, working from the center of the valley or ridge in each direction. For valleys, apply the sheet starting at the lowest point and work upward. Horizontal overlaps should be at least 6" in valleys.

WeatherMaster® TU Ultra SE underlayment should not be left permanently exposed to the weather. It must be covered by shingles, metal valley flashing or other roofing materials within 30 days. Galvanized roofing nails are recommended for fastening WeatherMaster® TU Ultra SE. Do not overdrive nails or break the surface.

TU Ultra SE Flashing Tape

When used as flashing tape, cut tape to manageable 8 to 12 foot lengths, center the tape over the roof deck panel joints and roll into position. In temperatures below 45° F deck panels will need to be primed prior to tape application.

Safety, Storage, and Handling

Pallets of WeatherMaster® TU Ultra SE underlayment shall not be triple stacked. Provide a weather cover on top and sides, allowing for adequate ventilation. Consult the Material Safety Data Sheet for best available information on safe handling, storage, personal protection, health and environmental considerations.

CAUTION: Do not walk on surfaces unless it is completely dry. Always learn and observe proper safety practices according to OSHA and local building code requirements.