100% Recycled Specialty Paper Products

As a Global Leader in paper products as well as paper coatings and coated products, such as water repellent coatings, antimicrobial coatings and fire retardant coatings, Atlas Web Technologies can partner with you to create solutions for almost any product in any industry. As a premier contract manufacturing partner, we are equipped with paper machines that allow us to provide a multitude of paper products solutions to meet your custom specification.

A few of our most commonly manufactured Specialty Paper Products help improve the following products:

Specialty Coatings For Furniture Products


WEBTECH® provides components used to manufacture table pads that help to protect fine dining room tables and other furniture.
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Specialty Paper Coatings for the Automotive Industry


WEBTECH® provides components used in the manufacturing of various automotive parts, such as automotive headliners and RV fabric.
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Paper Coatings Improve Packaging Products


WEBTECH® provides components used in the manufacturing of packaging components such as angle boards and big bags, which increase stability and protection of a package.
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