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Roofing Underlayment

Atlas roofing underlayment adds an added layer of defense and durability with every roofing installation or roofing repair.

Contractors and homeowners have come to expect the best roof shingles and accessories from every Atlas product. We are proud to offer the largest and most innovative variety of premium roofing underlayment and roll-roofing products. With your Atlas manufactured roof underlayment, you get easy installation and flawless performance. Our roof underlayment perfectly compliments virtually any roofing system. Atlas offers a variety of premium roof underlayment including Engineered Underlayment, Synthetic Underlayment, Peel & Stick Underlayment, and Atlas Signature Select®.

Atlas has long been the world’s largest producer of roll-roofing and saturated felt underlayment for roofing. With that longevity comes a wealth of experience. All of the roof underlayment by Atlas is manufactured to ensure easy installation, flawless performance, and peace of mind.

What is peace of mind? It’s knowing that the protection you purchase to safeguard your home and family is more than shingle deep. For more information on how you can strengthen your home with an added layer of Atlas roofing underlayment. Contact your local Atlas sales rep today, and unroll the ultimate line of protection with the help of Engineered Underlayment, Synthetic Underlayment, Peel & Stick Underlayment or Atlas Signature Select®.

Atlas felt mills recycle many different materials in the production of dry felt and roof underlayments, materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. Find out more...